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WiSE Mentor Applications Now Being Accepted

March 19, 2014

Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) seeks to increase the number of women studying in the areas of science, technology, and mathematics (STEM).  In hopes of encouraging female pursuit of degrees in these fields WiSE provides women with the opportunity to provide each other with advice, support, and encouragement with its mentoring program!

The WiSE Mentoring Program pairs freshman and sophomore women with upperclass-women mentors based on concentration, extra-curricular activities, and other interests.  Over the course of the year mentors and mentees meet to discuss classes, professors, and anything else!  Having gone through the curriculum your mentee is now faced with you, as a WiSE mentor, can provide invaluable advice on professors, study techniques, sections, and many other things that your mentee can’t get from a faculty or other kind of mentor.  You are familiar with the challenges of concentrating in your STEM field at Brown, and so will be able to give your mentee guidance and support as they go through the same things you did.

Apply to be a WiSE mentor today!! Help strengthen the presence of women in the STEM fields by making sure your mentee is not discouraged by being a gender minority.

Applications are due at MIDNIGHT on May 2nd !! Complete your application here. Have questions? Email  For more information, please visit