ADOCH B'18 Science Trivia Showdown

April 11, 2014

ADOCH, A Day on College Hill, is a three-day weekend adventure for prospective Brown students held in late April.  ADOCH is a day in which potential Brown undergraduates can visit and engage with campus members before they decide whether or not to matriculate. Amidst the various ADOCH events, Brown’s Science Center hosts the Science Center Trivia Showdown. Last year, the event was packed and brimming with excited, prospective students who buzzed and shouted answers to various science-related questions. 

The Trivia Challenge is set up like a Jeopardy-style game in which students compete in groups of four. Students can come with their own groups, or can be put into random groups before the games begin. The teams are tested with tricky science questions and loud buzzers, and the students create a fun, competitive environment.

This event is a great way for prospective students to see Brown’s excitement toward the STEM fields, and it showcases the Science Center’s various STEM initiatives for the campus. Students also meet and cooperate with peers of similar interests, and friendships are often made as students meet fellow trivia lovers and science enthusiasts.

ADOCH attendees are encouraged to pre-register for the Showdown beforehand, but walks-in are also welcome! Click here to register yourself or to find a team!