Race and Gender in the Scientific Community

Design and take a course on how the scientific community interacts with issues of race and gender! Under the guidance of faculty sponsor Cornelia Dean, science writer and former science editor of the New York Times, a new GISP in Fall 2014 will study who does science, why that is the case, and how we can address issues of representation here at Brown. The GISP curriculum will be developed this spring by the students who will take the class in the Fall. (Distributed February 6, 2014)

Physics Tutors Needed

Your peers need your help! We’re looking for PHYS 0040 and PHYS 0060 tutors. If you have done well in either course or an equivalent and are always that friend who’s helping other people figure things out, consider working as a tutor. You’ll hone your teaching skills, make some money, and have an opportunity to work more closely with professors and administration on campus. Interested? (Distributed January 18, 2014)

Design Science Symposium and Brown STEAM

RISD is hosting the Fourth Biennial Design Science Symposium, the theme of which is STEAM to STEAM through Synergy: Bridging Morphology, Biomimicry, Sustainability, and Synergetics. Naturally, the Brown and RISD STEAM teams are deeply involved in its planning. (Distributed January 17, 2014)