Fall 2013 Science Communication Events


  • Pushing the Membrane Exhibit: An exciting exhibit opening and panel discussion with Brown and RISD students about breaking the boundaries between science and art. The opening event showcased students who pursued creative projects within the sciences in digital, print, and musical media. Co-sponsored by Brown/RISD STEAM.


  • The Origins & Future of Infographics: A lecture and discussion with Gareth Cook, editor and Pulitzer Prize winner.
  • The Physics of New York Times by Cornelia Dean: A lecture and discussion with Cornelia Dean, science editor of The New York Times and member of the Corporation of Brown University.


  • Practice Effective Communication: Forum for Brown student scientists to present their research and be given feedback.

Science Underground – Science Cafés

  • A Year of Roving Mars: How the Curiosity Rover Changed our View of Mars: A Science Underground event with Ralph Milliken, Professor of Geological Sciences at Brown.

  • Talking to Robots: A Science Underground event with Stefanie Tellex, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Brown.

Triple Helix - Science Cafés

  • What I Learned From CreatureCast: Casey Dunn’s Science Communication Endeavors: Guests learned about why science communication is an important tool for today’s scientists and how you can be a better communicator.

  • Fiery Cushman - The Paradox of Automatic Planning: A Triple Helix Science Café with Fiery Cushman, Professor in the CLPS Department at Brown.