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Learning Exchange's Mission

Learning Exchange (LE) is an initiative started in 2011 to build excitement around learning math through technology. Because Providence students are falling behind in math, LE courses use computers to show middle schoolers how they can apply the subject in fun and creative ways. Students have the opportunity to become computer scientists and craft games and animations using the Scratch environment, build, revise and perfect their bridges and planes in Engineering/Design. It's based on one simple realization: that learning is most fun and exciting when it is made relevant to each student.

Each semester Learning Exchange recruits student volunteers from Brown & RISD and runs sections in either Scratch or Engineering/Design at local middle schools. We've worked with DelSesto Middle School since the beginning through their PASA framework, and added Nathanael Greene Middle School in the Spring of 2012.

The program was started by Amit Jain and Nabeel Gillani who ran the pilot in the Spring of 2011. They expanded the program during the 2011-2012 school year when they received support from the Science Center. Learning Exchange is now a flagship middle school initiative of the Science Center Outreach. Our current coordinators are Zoë Papakipos and Katherine Lopez.

Reports from three of our past semesters are available below (and serve as an excellent overview of the program).