About Us

Brown Science Prep's Mission

Our mission is to show high school students the excitement of science through lessons geared toward real world phenomena, applicable learning, hands-on demonstrations, and experimentation. The program is structured so that Brown undergraduates teach and mentor several students over the course of the semester, encouraging the formation of strong bonds.

What do we do?

Every Saturday, high school students from all over Rhode Island come to Brown to participate in BSP. We do science experiments and demo-based lessons in an informal environment; some of our past lessons have included dissecting a fetal pig, learning about the brain, and discovering the science behind candy. We also meet in small groups to talk about what college is like and how to prepare for the application process. At the end of the semester, we bring in Brown scientists to talk to students about their research, career paths, and passion for science.

A typical Saturday...

10:30 - Students arrive at Brown and eat breakfast while talking to our mentors

11:00 - Lesson of the week! Students do experiments and participate in demos during the entire lesson.

Please click here to view examples of past lessons.