Prospective Mentors

If you are a Brown student interested in becoming a Brown Science Prep mentor, please visit our mentor portal for details on how to apply. Check back in early September 2018 for Fall applications.





Ryan Bahar '18 Hey y'all! I'm Ryan, and I study neuroscience here at Brown. I love to teach science as well as use science to problem solve in everyday life. When I'm not obsessing over the phrase "life is but an expression of proteins" or thinking about the seven billion billion billion atoms in the human body (and don't get me started on the Universe...), I am usually doing one of three things: drinking all the smoothies the world has to offer, getting totally lost in the mountains of northern New England, or trying to telepathically communicate with my two cats back home. With your help, my goal is to make this year of BSP the best one yet!


Shirley Lin, ‘19 Aloha, I'm Shirley Lin, a current junior concentrating in Neuroscience. With my education here, I hope to go to medical school one day. I'm from the island of O'ahu in Hawai'i and my favorite thing to do is drive to the North Shore and eat local food (check out Giovanni's Shrimp Truck and Matsumoto's Shave Ice). My second favorite thing to do is try to get mainlanders to say the name of our state fish, the humuhumunukunukuapua'a. I'm a huge advocate of converting people from saying "flip-flops" to "slippers". My main goal here at Brown is to survive the winter. My spirit animal is a seal or maybe a thumb, but I'm also fond of ostriches, emus, vultures, and various other ugly birds. Mahalo for reading. Shoots.


Sumit Sohani, ‘19 Hey what's up hello y'all! My name is Sumit Sohani, and I'm a junior from Atlanta, Georgia. (Go Falcons!) Even though my concentration is currently a somewhat un-sciency Comp Sci and Econ, I still love exploring and teaching science through BSP. Outside of being a part of the BSP fam, I'm a chess player, older brother, Taylor Swift fan, and avid Waffle House frequenter. 



Brian Zhao, '19 Hello! My name is Brian Zhao and I am a junior thinking of concentrating in APMA-Bio. I am from New York City and love all things food-related. When I’m not eating, I am part of the Chinese Student Association here at Brown and like to run in my free time. I am also interested in poetry so please tell me your favorite poets if you ever run into me! I have also worked in a pharmacology lab in high school and have dissected a pregnant cat before (it was pretty disgusting but super interesting).


Ankush Bajaj, '20 Hi there! I’m Ankush Bajaj, and I’m a sophomore concentrating in Neuroscience. This is my second year as a mentor with Brown Science Prep! I’m from Chicago, Illinois and hope to pursue a career in medicine (my main interest is in neuroscience). Apart from BSP, I’m also a member of Brown’s quizbowl team and an avid reader. I also love to eat, so you may see me downing slice after slice of pizza in Andrews dining commons.


Shoshana Simons, '20 Hey there! I'm Shoshana, and I'm a sophomore studying computer science and math. I love teaching, and so I try to spend as much of my time doing it as I can. Apart from BSP, I'm a TA for the computer science department here at Brown, which means I get to help people learn abot cool problems in computer science. When I'm not teaching, I'm probably researching programming languages, talking about philosophy, or trying out a new vegan recipe.


Greg Benitez, '20 Hello! My name is Greg Benitez and I am a sophomore here at Brown. Settling in has been fairly easy as I live only 15 minutes away from Brown's campus in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. As of now, I am on the fence of either concentrating in Computational Biology or Biochemistry/Molecular Biology but luckily for me. When I am not studying, I love to play soccer, ultimate frisbee, play FIFA, and of course, eat food. I am eager to share my passion for science with the rest of you!


Shawn Young, '19 Hey! My name is Shawn Young, and I'm a junior, possible Public Policy concentrator, and an avid lover of McDonald's 2 for $3 breakfast sandwich deals. I'm from the wonderful state of New Jersey, home of taylor ham (think SPAM but more edible) and highway exits. When I have free time, I like to play in jam sessions on bass and ukelele, sometimes at the same time, and binge watch Supernatural on Netflix.


Stephanie Adaniya, '20 Hello! My name is Stephanie Adaniya but my friends call me Steph or Staph infection (it’s a long story). I’m all the way from Hawaii so these New England winters are quite the struggle. I don’t have a concentration yet but I really like proteins, chem labs, and rocks. So I’ll probably end up in something like geology-chemistry or biochemistry. When I’m not in the Sciences Library, you can probably find me hitting some taiko drums or coaching Science Olympiad (I LOVE Science Olympiad).


Harini Balakrishnan, '20 Hello! I’m Harini, and I’m a sophomore thinking of concentrating in economics here at Brown, but I’m also interested in going into medicine. This is my first semester with BSP! I’m from Houston, Texas, so getting through the winter is a big accomplishment for me. Outside of BSP, I’m also involved with the Brown Chess Club and I volunteer at a local clinic in Providence. In my free time, you can find me walking to Andrews for a panini, listening to ALL the music, or just being very excited about fellow Houstonian Beyoncé. 




Melissa Lopez, '21 Hey! I am Melissa Lopez and I am a freshman at Brown. I am from Los Angeles, CA and I enjoy spending time outdoors. I hope to concentrate in Environmental Science or Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I enjoy long distance runs, chocolate, and pistachios. Also, I enjoy looking at pictures of cute animals on google (search "snow monkeys"). On a more important note, I am a strong advocate for eliminating raisins in desserts.




May Gao, '21 Hey! I'm May and I'm a first-year from the Bay Area, California. I'm planning on concentrating in Health & Human Biology as an aspiring cardiovascular surgeon! Shadowing an open heart surgery was probably the most epic moment of my high school career. Aside from the life sciences, I want to learn more about design and perhaps computer science. Before I graduate, I hope to take a class at RISD. In my spare time, I enjoy watercolor painting, occasional doses of classical music, and a good cup of boba.




Subhanik Purkayastha, '21 What's good! My name is Subhanik and I am a freshman concentrating in biochemistry here at Brown. Throughout high school, I was fascinated by the sciences, biology and chemistry particularly. It is an amazing subject that I love to discuss with my fellow science-enthusiasts. When I am not finishing up a Chem problem set or preparing bacteria in wells, I am usually in the gym, on the tennis court, singing and dancing, or eating. I am from the beautiful city of Philadelphia, making me a life-long supporter of cheesesteaks, the Eagles, and Lil Uzi Vert. I am looking forward to meeting all of you!




Sunil Tohan, '21 Hi! I'm Sunil and I'm a first-year from Maryland interested in concentrating in neuroscience, English, or philosophy—not really sure yet, but I know I want to go to medical school eventually. In high school I spent a lot of time building robots, so I'm quite a tech-oriented person and an advocate for inclusion in STEM. Right now, I'm taking half STEM and half humanities classes, which is really awesome. Outside of studies, I'm usually listening to Drake, rewatching Game of Thrones, or drinking tea (earl grey all the way... The Queen's Drink) or a quality latte. I was really into teaching science in high school, so I'm really excited to be working with BSP! 




Kevin Du, '21 Hey BSP! I'm Kevin from Northeast Ohio, a first-year studying computer science. My favorite way to spend time is by hanging out and chatting with friends about everything from food on campus to predicting the future (scientifically, of course). Meanwhile, my favorite way to waste time is by playing too much internet chess and reading the news. Outside of all that, I enjoy playing tennis and piano and wondering how our world really works. Excited to have a great time science-ing with you all!




Norbesida Bagabila, '21 Hello I am Norbesida, I am a freshman and I intend to concentrate in Biomedical Engineering. I believe that we must pursue the production of quality medicine at lower costs. My goal is to combine traditional African medicine with western technology to optimize patient care for those who cannot afford expensive medicine.I am from Burkina Faso, West Africa. In my free time I like to playcheckers, read and cook.