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Title Topic
Brain and the Auditory System: An Introduction to NeuroscienceNeuroscience
Acids and BasesAcid-Bases Chemistry
Animal AdaptationsEvolutionary Adaptations
The Duality of LightWaves and the Particle/Wave Theory of Light
Chemical ForcesChemistry
The RNA WorldCentral Dogma/RNA
Chemical EquilibriumChemistry
Weather and AtmosphereEarth Science
Playing with GravityGravity, Forces, Energy, Kinematics
Intro to NeuroscienceNeuroscience
Engineering the Perfect BridgeBridge design and construction
Delving into DigestionThe Digestive System
Marine Ecosystems and OverfishingMarine Biology
Music, Physics & EmotionWave physics/the physics of music
Synthetic BiologyBiology
The Loop de Loops in our BodyFeedback Systems
Nuclear Physicsnuclear physics
The Genetic Basis of DiseaseHuman Genetics
Frog DissectionAnatomy
Cracking CodesCryptography
Experimenting with DNABiology
Introduction to Computer ProgrammingComputer Science
The Egg Drop ChallengeEngineering
Fractals: Measuring fractal dimensionalityFractals
Senses & IllusionsIllusions
The Science Behind Ice CreamChemistry
Designing Functional Boat ModelsEngineering Design, Buoyancy, Material Economics
Designing Reliable and Resilient Truss Based BridgesEngineering Design, Structure, Material Economics
Computer ScienceComputer Science
Animal AdaptationsEvolutionary Adaptations
DNA Extraction and AnalysisForensic Science
Blood Splatter: The Point of Origin-Forensic Science -