Learning Exchange

Learning Exchange

The Learning Exchange (LE) is a new after-school initiative by Brown University students that seeks to build excitement around learning through the use of technology. Because many students in Providence struggle with math and science, LE mentors use technology to show middle school students how they can apply math in fun and creative ways. In effect they become computer scientists and craft games and animations using  the Scratch interface.  Other children use math and technology to become digital music virtuosos and mash up their favorite hip-hop songs and loops. Kids are also encouraged to take ownership of their learning by completing a self-directed project over the duration of each course. Overall, the LE is based on one simple realization: that learning is most fun and exciting when it is relevant to each student.

Targeted Audience

Middle School Students

Sponsored by

The Dean of the College/Science  Center Outreach


Andrew DiMarco

Selected Student Projects

Computer Programming

BrickBreaker: A project completed by a middle schooler

Laser: A project completed by a middle schooler

Pacman: A project completed by a seven grader