Persona 2016–2017

Persona: Human-Centered Approaches

What defines a person? The Brown University Science Center presents an exhibition investigating how a variety of disciplines perceive identity and the self. Fourteen students, alumni, and faculty from the Brown and RISD community generate different solutions to this question. What is your answer?

Curated by undergraduates Kenji Endo and Teri Minogue, “Persona” features work from the following artists and researchers: Po-Yen Chen, Raina Wellman, Amelia Zhang, Val Healy, Jane Lee, Sarah Jane Lapp, Carlos Aizenman, Michael Littman, Stephen Brawner, Mark Ho, Janet Isserlis, Sebastian Niculescu, Jeff Huang, Molly Millette, Trang Duong and Penta, and Jae Chung. The exhibit will be on display at the Science Center (3rd Floor Sciences Library) October 2016 — May 2017.

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Persona Exhibit

October 2016 — May 2017
Science Center (3rd Floor Sciences Library)