Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research at Brown

Each summer more than 700 students collaborate with scientists at Brown 

and its affiliated hospitals, or at other research sites, on a vast array of science-related projects and activities. The Science Center  provides a portal to such research opportunities. Advisors and programs at the Science Center help students define their interests, learn how to connect to a research mentor, and identify funding sources for science-related research. 

Learning about research interests of Brown faculty is one of the best ways to explore the range of science research opportunities at Brown. The Office of the Vice President for Research maintains a searchable online directory of Brown faculty that describes their research.  Various departments and offices at Brown sponsor undergraduate research. Please see the short list below for opportunities organized and sponsored by Brown.  

Summer Research-Early Identification Program (SR-EIP), through Leadership Alliance, funds summer internships for rising sophomores and upperclassmen who intend to pursue the doctorate degree in biomedical and physical science, engineering, social science or humanities. 

Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award (UTRA) Each year, more than 200 Brown students are awarded UTRA grants to collaborate with a professor on a research or course development project. UTRAs are available for student research assistants, for students working with faculty to create or restructure a course, and for international projects.

The Computer Science Industrial Partners Program provides opportunities for students to engage in research that helps transfer state-of-the-art technologies beyond the campus.

Brown’s Centers and Institutes support science research in STEM and include The Institute for Molecular and Nanoscale Innovation a ‘polydisciplinary’ community with more than 80 participating faculty members across 9 departments. 

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory offers summer research opportunities.