Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Each summer more than 700 students collaborate with scientists at Brown and its affiliated hospitals, or at other research sites, on a vast array of science-related projects and activities.  Science Center advisors are able to help students define their interests, connect them to a research mentor, and help to identify science-related research funding sources. However, the first thing students must understand is that they must be proactive.  Learning about new and ongoing research projects in Brown's academic departments is one of the best ways to explore the range of opportunities available.  The most effective way for students to get first-hand information and make connections is to investigate the happenings in their home departments. Most host regular colloquia where faculty, postdocs and guest speakers give talks to describe their research work and interests. Students can also conduct searches on the Researchers@Brown website by subject area, department or faculty names. After finding a topic of interest the next step is to identify sources of funding. Brown sponsors a number of fellowships and grants, among them are: 

  • The Summer Research-Early Identification Program (SR-EIP) for rising sophomores and upperclassmen who intend to pursue the doctorate degree in biomedical and physical science, engineering, social science or humanities.
  • The Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award (UTRA) provides research assistantships for research, teaching or international focused projects. 

Additionally, departments may have gathered comprehensive lists of opportunities such as Chemistry at Brown and Computer Science's Industry Partners