What is the Science Fellows Program?


Do you love science? Do you want to encourage other students to share your passion for science?  Do you have ideas for helping other students succeed in their science courses?

Become a Science Center Fellow!

Science Center Fellows are Brown undergraduates who, under the support of faculty sponsors, propose and develop learning activities and tools that promote science learning in new ways. We want your best ideas!

Science Fellows are required to create some lasting impression of their work that can be shared with other students, faculty, or even people outside of Brown. Some Fellows must provide a final description of the project, accompanied by images if appropriate. Students who have developed a web site or video have created short videos that tells the story behind their project.

The Science Fellows program is designed to recognize and support students who are interested in expanding the impact of the Science Center.  Science Fellows have a vision of a new way to engage in scientific practice, teaching, learning, and communication. They may develop a unique approach to presenting scientific concepts, a way to illuminate  the connection between science and art, or a new way to highlight Brown's emphasis of collaboration in the sciences.

Possible projects include:

  • Compiling resources that students in gateway courses can use to understand difficult threshold concepts
  • Integrating two science, social science, or humanities courses
  • Introducing quantitative reasoning or computation into an existing course
  • Creating a video or web-based materials that illustrate core science concepts
  • Developing a coherent set of helpful resources to supplement the redesign of a basic mathematics or science course

Proposals are evaluated according to the feasibility of the projects, their potential to help student learning, and their alignment with Science Center goals.

Fellows receive a $1,000 stipend to develop their project during the fellowship semester. Teams of 2-4 students may apply for a $2000 stipend. Fellows meet as a group to discuss progress on their projects with Dean Targan. They are required to share the results of their work with other students at Science Center "Research Thursday" presentations,  or at other times as approved by Dean Targan.

We expect each Science Fellow to produce a "final product" that can be used to disseminate your project to other students and faculty, at Brown and beyond, currently and in the future. This could be a web site, popular science article, video, animation, a new science demo for the Science Center - use your imagination!