The Science Fellow Program

Have you developed a tool that may help students to improve their learning outcomes in science courses? Or, are you passionate about your research work, and you want to share your best practices for innovation? Then consider becoming a Science Center Fellow.

Who are these Fellows? 

A Science Center Fellow must be a Brown undergraduate student who is in good academic standing and who, under the supervision of a faculty member, develops and implements a new approach in the practice, teaching or communication of science that enhances overall understanding. For instance, they may present a unique approach to learning a complex scientific concept or design a method of illuminating a connection between science and art or humanities or illustrate a concept that lies at the intersection of multiple disciplines.  We want to support your curiosity and tenacity!

Eligibility & Award

Applicants must be active sophomore or junior level student at the time of the application submission. Each fellow associated with the project will receive a $1,200 stipend, and any project may have at most two fellows.

Proposal Criteria

All projects will be evaluated based on its overall potential to effectively facilitate the exchange of scientific knowledge.  A letter of support from a faculty supervisor must be submitted with the application. The following criteria are mandatory for every project: (1) delivery of regularly scheduled progress reports, (2) delivery of a product which can be disseminated through either a scientific peer-reviewed publication, a visual or interactive medium, or through a social media platform, and (3) delivery of a final presentation in a public forum at the end of the award period. 


A public announcement about the Science Center Fellow Program will be issued at the beginning of each semester. There will be a maximum of three awards per annum. The award period is two consecutive semesters. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 

Science Center Fellow Application