Science Fellow Projects

Science Fellow Projects

Bacteriophage Research and Teaching Documentary: Using video  and the use of a blog, Kohana Leuba documents bacteriophage research in two very different settings- a cutting-edge research laboratory and a class for first-year students.
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Thomas Webster

Computation Across the Curriculum: Nicholas Sinnott-Armstrong developed tools to integrate computational skills into the curricula of various departments, including Biology and Archaeology. 
Faculty Advisors: Profs. Jan Hesthavan, Casey Dunn, and Susan Alcock

CreatureCast: Natividad Chen developed workshops to train and mentor other students to write stories and develop video podcasts so that Brown's CreatureCast project can be sustained in future years. These animations provide supplemental instruction for a number of courses in ecology and evolutionary biology while highlighting concepts in science for students of all ages.  The animated stories "Rhizocephala," "Jumping Spider," "Resurrection Fern," "Tardigrades," and "Anglerfish," featured on the  CreatureCast website below are a direct result of Nati's mentorship in the Science Center.  
Faculty Advisor: Profs. Casey Dunn and Erika Edwards

Ecolog:IEA: (Integrated Ecology Animations) Science Fellows Ashley Adams, Harmony Lu, and Asya Rahlin began developing educational videos demonstrating fundamental ecological concepts within the general context of evolution.  Their interest in integrating ecology with art led them to create these videos. Click here to learn more.
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Jon D. Witman

Exploring Animations using MATLAB: Mary Lesbirel used her computational skills and facility with MATLAB to develop a manual to help students understand this powerful tool, and how it can be used for computer modelling. 
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Marc Parmentier

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Training Program:  Norian Caporale-Berkowitz created an organized mechanism for selecting, training and coaching Biology 0470, Genetics, Teaching Assistants.  
Faculty Advisor: Jody Hall