Science Communication

The Science Center has played a leading role in expanding campus interest in the rapidly growing field of science communication.  Brown graduates, many of whom augmented their science studies with coursework in the liberal arts, have been leaders across a wide spectrum of modalities, including the print media such as the New York Times and television, including PBS’s NOVA.  The Science Center has recently hosted workshops on science writing, poster presentation, science storytelling using visual media, and careers in science communication.

We co-sponsor, with the Creative Mind Initiative, the course Communicating Science Through Visual Media, which is co-taught by Brown and RISD faculty. More information and student projects from this class may be found here.

We are also collaborating with the Environmental Change Initiative to bring both notable practitioners of science communication and academic leaders who study the emerging “science of science communication” to Brown. A presentation by Cornelia Dean, former science editor of the New York Times, is available below.