Small Meeting Room Reservation Policy

The Science Center hours of operation coincide with the Sciences Library; hence the floor is always open. Guests may use any room on a first-come base, but they must relinquish the space for confirmed reservations or if a larger group requires the space. The staff assistant on duty will handle these scenarios as necessary.

Study rooms are not soundproof. We expect all guests to behave respectfully.

Standard Reservations:

Any Brown faculty, administrator or student may submit a reservation request for a small room. All small room reservations must adhere to the following rules: 

  • Rooms are reserved for a maximum of two hours
  • One reservation per day; advanced reservations up to one week
  • Reservations must be for groups of three or more persons; email addresses for at least three members of the group must be listed
  • 15 minute grace period for late arrivals, afterward the reservation is forfeited
  • During reading and final periods, only one reservation is allowed per week.

Regularly occurring reservations:

Standing or regularly occurring reservations are only allowed for programs affiliated with the Science Center.


While food and beverages are generally allowed in the Science Center, guests are expected to keep rooms tidy. Cleaning supplies are available at the front desk. Guests should dispose of trash in the appropriate bins that are placed throughout the Center.

Erasers and markers are provided and will be replenished upon request.

Guests may use the refrigerator, but items left behind may be discarded at the end of each week. 

Confirmation of Reservations

Reservations are managed through an online scheduling system and reservations confirmed immediately. Staff assistants manage any conflicts or extenuating circumstances.

Check the calendar

Click here for a reservation.