Ecolog:IEA: Integrated Educational Animations

Integrated Educational Animations introduce and explain difficult "theshold" concepts that students often find challenging, and use animations to illustrate the use of  foundational and mathematical theories in current research.  

In this video, Exponential GrowthEcolog:IEA illustrates theoretical concepts in ecology using animation to teach other students and interested members of the public. The animation illustrates visually the mathematical foundation of  population growth using the story of African elephant conservation in South Africa.


Screenshots from the video (link to video below)

The release of new episodes aligns with topics being discussed in Bology 0420, taught by Prof. Jon Witman.  Fellows use several animation and live videography techniques to develop interesting and appealing episodes. 

Please click here to learn more about Science Fellows Ashley, Harmony, and Asya, the story behind their work, or view Ecolog:IEA's website to find out more about this and other episodes.

Click below to view the Exponential Growth video in its entirety or to see the Behind the Scenes story.