What is LaTeX?

LaTeX (pronounced “lay-tek” or “lah-tek”) is a free program for making scientific and technical documents, and is the standard for professionals in many STEM fields. Its purpose is to make it easy to write elegant technical documents.

To do this, LaTeX simplifies the process of creating such components as mathematical formulae, tables, and bibliographies. Almost all formatting and document structure is automatic, allowing the user to focus on content creation. At the same time, LaTeX allows fine-grained control over each aspect of a document. 

What are the LaTeX Workshops?

The topics in the workshops will range from introductory to advanced, and the sessions will include topics such as making problem sets, lab reports, and more. Each workshop integrates lecture time along with time for students to apply what they have learned through exercises. You can find a more detailed description of each of the workshops below.

The workshops are engaging and interactive, and students should bring their laptops in order to follow along with the instructors. Integrating both lecture and hands-on time, students will be able to apply what they are learning and get individual help from the instructors. The workshops are low-key, and any exercises, templates, and notes from the workshops can be found online.

What topics do each of the workshops cover?

Check out the Workshop Descriptions page!

What are the dates of the workshops?

All workshops happen in the main room of the Science Center, the third floor of the Sciences Library. You can see the dates for specific workshops on the Workshop Descriptions page!

These workshops sound amazing! What do I do if I want to attend them? 

That depends...

If you've never used LaTeX before, then make sure to check out our page "Installing a TeX Editor" so you can install a program that will allow you to create LaTeX documents on your computer. Then, come to our Introduction workshop so you can get started! If you don't have any programming experience, that's okay! Our Introduction workshop assumes no prior knowledge! Once you have the basics, you can choose what you want to learn how to make using LaTeX. 

If you've used LaTeX before, then we assume you have a TeX editor on your computer. If not, be sure to check out our page, "Installing a TeX Editor." You can read over the descriptions of each of the workshops and decide what you want to learn!

Here is a link to register for the workshop. You may attend as many sessions as you'd like! Also, please bring your laptop!