Graduate Student Curriculum

The Ph.D. Degree

The Department of Slavic Studies offers a comprehensive doctoral program in Slavic studies specializing in Russian literature and culture, in modern Czech culture, and in Polish literature and culture.

The program has a strong interdisciplinary focus and students are expected to work with departmental faculty as well as with faculty in related fields, such as comparative literature, theater, history, art history, modern culture and media, and political science. The program will train flexible and innovative scholars able to address varying teaching and research needs in the future job market. We particularly target advanced students who would come to Brown with a strong background in at least one of the program's key disciplines (literature, language, culture, theater, social sciences). Students receive close guidance and are mentored in the pedagogy of language and literature/culture teaching.

Completion Requirements
A.M.: Eight courses, approved by the department

Ph.D.: Sixteen courses, including five graduate seminars, and two to four courses in a secondary field of study; theory and methods of foreign language teaching, reading knowledge of the second language related to the student's specialization; teaching; qualifying examinations; dissertation and defense.

Admission Information
Admission Requirements: Advanced competence in Russian. Writing sample in English (12-15 pages). Knowledge/interest in another Slavic language (preferably Czech or Polish) in encouraged but not required.

GRE General: Required
GRE Subject: Not required
Application Deadline: January 7

For more information, please contact, Director of Graduate Study.

The Master of Arts Degree

The Master's degree is often sought as a terminal degree by students planning careers in fields where advanced work is useful but a doctorate is not required. Work for this degree may be in Russian language and literature or in Slavic linguistics. The Master's program normally consists of eight semester courses approved by the Department. A spoken and written command of Russian is required of candidates for this degree as well as a reading knowledge of another Slavic language or French or German. A thesis is not required. A student enrolled in full-time study can expect to complete all requirements for the master's degree within one academic year. Information about the application can be found at the Brown Graduate School Admissions website.

For more information, please contact, Director of Graduate Study.