Graduate Student Courses and Teaching

The Department offers all levels of instruction in Russian language, literature, and culture. Upper level Russian language courses, in addition to all advanced literature and culture courses (sequences above 1000), serve both graduate students and undergraduate concentrators in Slavic Studies; they also attract students whose interests range across the entire university curriculum.

Students of International Relations and Comparative Literature are particularly well-represented among our learners, quite a few of whom go on to study and/or work abroad. All students in need of advanced levels of instruction in Russian make considerable use of the state-of-the-art audio-visual and multimedia offerings of Brown's Language Resource Center. Our language courses also provide valuable classroom experience to graduate students in the Department preparing for teaching careers.

An appointment as a Teaching Assistant or Teaching Fellow requires taking part both in a pre-service Second Language TA Workshop and in-service meetings with the course coordinator. These acquaint TAs with issues of language acquisition and pedagogy, and seek to influence both the development of the TAs' philosophy of teaching and their teaching practice.

Suggested Courses

Eighteenth-Century Russian Literature (RUSS2010)
Movements and Genres in Russian Literary Culture (RUSS2410)
Seminars in Russian Literature (RUSS2610, 2620, 2710, 2720)
Theories of Literature (COLT2650)
Seminar in the History of Early Modern Europe (HI2070)
Seminar in European Social History in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (HIST 2080)
Revolution as a Work of Art (TAPS2120)
Abstraction and Resistance (TAPS2200)
Proseminar in Political Theory (POLS2120)
Theory and Methods of Foreign Language Teaching (GRMN, FREN2900)

More detailed course information can be found by performing a search on Brown's Course Preview. For best results, search under the RUSS, CZCH, PLSH, and SLAV rubrics, as well as COLT, TAPS, HIST, POLS, and INTL.