Masters and Ph.D. Alumni

Slavic Studies Masters and Ph.D. Alumni (2003-Present)


Ph.D. Recipients

Marina Aptekman, Ph.D. 2004
Lecturer of Russian, Tufts University

 Charles H. Arndt, Ph.D. 2004
Assistant Professor (tenure track), Vassar College

Heather M. Daly, Ph.D. 2004        
Freelance translator

Olga S. Partan, Ph.D.  2004          
Associate Professor (tenured), College of the Holy Cross

Natalia Lechtchenko, Ph.D. 2005  
English Language teacher, Tula Secondary School, Russia

Kerry A. Sabbag, Ph.D. 2005
Russian Instructor, Boston Language Institute

Sofya Khagi, Ph.D. 2006
Associate Professor (tenured), University of Michigan

 Melissa J. Sokol, Ph.D. 2007
Assistant Director of Studies Abroad, Notre Dame of Maryland University

Erin K. Krafft, Ph.D. 2015
Assistant Professor (tenure track), The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Christopher H. Carr, Ph.D. 2016 
Writing Projects Specialist, Office of the Dean of the College, Brown University

Anastasia Selemeneva, Ph.D. 2016
Assistant Professor, University of Maryland 

Kevin K. Starikov, Ph.D. 2016 
Slavic Senior Librarian, Boston University

Vitaly Simankov, Ph.D. 2018
Visiting Assistant Professor of Slavic Studies, Brown University 

Diana Dukhanova, Ph.D. 2018
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, College of the Holy Cross

Irina Gnedko, Ph.D. 2018 
Lecturer of Russian, Department of Modern Languages, Johns Hopkins University(Appointment starts on July 1, 2018) 

Masters Recipients

Zhi Liu, A.M. 2010
Graduate student of Slavic Studies, Tufts University