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March 31, 2018

You are all invited to meet and chat with individual faculty in Slavic Studies! Explore what Slavic Studies have to offer in language, literature, cultural studies, linguistics, and the social sciences, including opportunities to study topics on diversity, social justice, power, and inclusion in Eastern Europe and Russia. 

Sponsored by: Slavic Studies Departmental Diversity and Inclusion Action Program (DDIAP). 

Professors and instructors in the department will be available at the following times and locations (in Marston Hall, unless otherwise indicated):

Cook, Linda Rm 301 (Prospect House) Tu 12-2pm

Dukhanova, Diana Rm 202 MW 2-3pm; T 1-2pm; Th 10-11am 

Evdokimova, Svetlana Rm 114 Th 4-5pm

Fenghi, Fabrizio Rm 204 M 3-4pm

Fidler, Masako Rm 201 Th 12-1pm

Levitsky, Alexander Rm 206 Th 1-2:30pm

Mihailovic, Alexandar Rm B-5 W 1-3:30pm  

Oklot, Michal Rm 115 M 2-4pm 

Simankov, Vitaliy Rm B11 M 1 – 2pm

Driver, Sam Rock Library Lobby 12-2pm

Dumanis, Alexander Rock Library Lobby Th 11am – 1pm 

Nikolova, Miroslava Rm B11 Th 3-4:30pm

Tsylina, Anastasia Rm B11 W 2-3pm

 Vygovskaia, Natalia Rm B11 M F, 10:30-11:30am