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Introducing: Visiting Associate Professor Alexandar Mihailovic

August 26, 2021
Professor Alexandar Mihailovic is returning to Brown this fall to co-teach a course with Professor Evdokimova:
Russian 1050    Russian Culture: From Peter the Great to Putin (Fall 2021)
TuTh 1-2:20 [CRN 17772]. Taught by Alexandar Mihailovic and Svetlana Evdokimova

An interdisciplinary exploration of Russian cultural history through its literature, art, religion, political thought, and film. This course seeks to encourage thinking in more integrative and interdisciplinary ways about history, arts, and society. We examine a wide range of cultural expressions: religion, civic rituals, values and practices, social customs and popular entertainment. Topics include conceptions of Russian nationhood; the myths of St. Petersburg and Moscow; the interaction among elites, intelligentsia, and the common people (narod); conflicting appeals of rationality, spirituality, nihilism, apocalyptic and utopian thinking. All of these themes and forms will be treated as interrelated, as connected to social and political life, and as part of a larger European culture.
Prof. Mihailovic's appointment begins September 1st. We look forward to welcoming him back to the Department!