Micro-Organizational Theory: Social Behavior in Organizations

1311 [CRN: 14992]

Micro-Organizational Theory focuses on the human dynamics of organizations as natural systems. It examines how individual attitudes, actions, and interactions make a difference for organizational processes and outcomes. This focus is contrasted with more macro-level approaches, which take the organization (instead of the individual) as the primary unit of analysis. For example, studies of organizations from an economic perspective are typically concerned with the performance of the organization relative to its competitors. Studies of organizations from a macro-sociological focus are typically concerned with an organization's routines and structures, contextualized by the broader environment. SOC 1311 takes a more micro and meso perspective that asks questions such as, "why do individuals in organization behave the way they do, how does this affect the organizations of which they are a part and how, in turn, are individuals affected by their organizations?"
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