Advising & Mentoring

The Sociology department offers some of the best opportunities at Brown for close interaction between students and professors. The undergraduate advisor assists all concentrators in course planning and in the design of their concentration focus. In addition, we encourage and help concentrators to approach faculty members who work in the areas of their interest and to seek research opportunities through their involvement in the faculty research projects, Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards (UTRA), honors theses, and other means. 

The Department of Sociology at Brown also aims to forge intellectual and collegial mentoring relationships between graduate students and undergraduate concentrators. The selection will be based on common interests, as well as personal experience (e.g., the undergraduate had the graduate student as a TA). The match-up will be coordinated by the Graduate Advisor and Undergraduate Advisor. These mentorships may take a variety of forms: informal discussions, assistance with formulating a research topic, joint research in a seminar or independent study, and attending a scholarly conference.