Aisalkyn Botoeva

Botoeva, AisalkynBotoeva, AisalkynAisalkyn Botoeva

Contact Information:
Brown University
Department of Sociology
Box 1916
Providence, RI 02912
Fax: (401) 863-3213

Year of Entry: 2009

Previous Degrees:
MA (2005) Central European University
BA (2004) American University of Central Asia

Curriculum Vitae

I am a PhD Candidate in Sociology, and a Graduate Fellow in Development at the Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs. My expertise is within the fields of organizational studies, economic sociology and development.

My dissertation is about moral market niches. Specifically, I examine why and how Islamic businesses emerge and expand. For-profit businesses that identify as "Shariah-compliant," "halal" and "Islamic" are touted as one of the fastest growing moralized market niches globally, alongside their secular analogues such as Fair Trade and organic food. Focusing on the field of Islamic businesses in the context of former Soviet Kyrgyzstan, I examine how and why different actors are involved in the field. My key argument is that Islamic businesses are not strictly about translating individual piety into organizational routines – rather, it articulates interests of many different and conflicting ideologies, social groups and practices.

Beyond my dissertation, I have been involved in a collaborative project on politics and expressions of piety in Central Asia with Dr Pauline Jones Luong (Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan). Furthermore, in collaboration with Dr Regine Spector (Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Massachusetts - Amherst), I work on the project that explores re-industrialization process in resource-poor contexts.