Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students

Jonathon Acosta
Social Stratification; Segregation; Race; Class; Ethnicity

Anindita Adhikari
Political Sociology; Democracy; Development; Social Inequality; Comparative Sociology; Public Institutions

Chinyere Agbai
Urban sociology, health inequality, poverty, race and ethnicity, social stratification

Amanda Ball
Political Sociology; Urban Sociology; International Development; Ethnic Conflict; Violence; Sociology of War; Displacement; Social Movements; Race and Ethnicity; Qualitative Methods

Hilary Barker
Women's Health; Family Planning

Nur Bavbek
State Formation; Transition From Empire to Nation-State; Population Policies; Refugee Movements; Ethnic Conflict; Historical Sociology

Jocelyn Bell
NPO's; Human Trafficking; Gender; Networks; Development; Global Governance; India

Benjamin Bellman
Cities; Population; Race; GIS; Residential Patterns; Power and Discourse

Quinn Bernier
Natural Resources Governance; Environment and Development; Climate Change Adaptation

Marcelo A. Bohrt
Race and Ethnicity; Political Sociology; Cultural Sociology; Organizational Sociology; Immigration; Research Methods; Qualitative and Ethnographic Methods; Theory; Latin America 

Jennifer Bouek
Social Inequality; Poverty; Families; Organizations; Qualitative Methods

Benjamin Bradlow
Political Sociology; Urban Sociology; Political Economy of Development and Globalization; Comparative Historical Sociology; Institutions; Brazil; South Africa

Elizabeth Brennan
Organizations; Occupations; Medical Sociology; Law

Rui Carvalho
Race and Ethnicity; International Migration; Urban Sociology; Social Theory

Meg Caven
Education; Social Stratification; Race and Ethnicity; Urban Sociology; Organizations; Public Policy; Political Sociology  

Amy Chin
Labor; Development; China; Care Work; Migration

Megan Collier
Comparative Education Policy; Urban Education; Early Childhood Education and Policy; Intersectionality

Karolina Dos Santos
Migration; Transnationalism; Inequality; Assimilation Within Caribbean and South America

Danielle Falzon
Environment; Climate Change; Global Inequality; Development; Policy; Disaster; Risk; Displacement

Laura Garbes
Sociology of Race; Organizational Sociology; Media Sociology 

Shanelle Haile
International Development; Economic Sociology; Social Inequality; Social Mobility; Globalization

Ricarda Hammer
Social Theory; Global and Transnational Sociology; Cultural Sociology and Sociology of Knowledge; Empire and Colonialism; Race and Ethnicity; Historical and Ethnographic Methods

Anairis Hernández Jabalera
Demography Of Family; Time Use Studies; Unpaid Work And Gender; Caregiving and Migration

Prabhdeep Kehal
Race and Ethnicity; Systemic Anti-Blackness; Higher Education; Public Policy

Tate Kihara
Immigration; Social Stratification; Political Participation; Education and Survey Methodology

Ufuk Kizilgedik
Social Movements; Political Economy; Historical And Comparative Sociology; Social Theory

Svenja Kopyciok
Race and Ethnicity; Right-Wing Populism; Islam and Politics; Integration Of Migrant and Cultural Minorities

Juho Korhonen
Development; Historical Sociology; Historiography; Sociology of Empires; Nationalism; Sociology of Knowledge; World-Systems Analysis

Anna (Nicole) Kreisberg
International Migration; Demography; Race and Ethnicity; Social Inequality

Jessica Krstičević
Sociology of Art; the Creative Industries; Valuation and Evaluation; Organizations; Entrepreneurship; Innovation; Mixed Method Research Design

Juyoung Lee
Development; Political Sociology; Ethnicity

Zhen Liu
Social Demography; Urban Sociology; Migration; Health inequality; Africa; China; Asian Immigrants; Statistical Methods; Spatial Sociology

Maria F. Lopez Portillo
Political Sociology; Comparative Historical Analysis; Development; Public Organizations

Johnnie Anne Lotesta
Political Sociology; Sociology of Knowledge & Expertise; Comparative Historical Sociology

Jaswanth Madhavan

Thomas Marlow
Environment; Knowledge; Urban Sociology; Risk; Natural Disasters

Syeda Masood
Inequality and poverty, political sociology, economic sociology, development sociology, culture, gender, immigrants, South Asia 

Patrick Mayne
Medical Sociology; Urban Sociology; Social Demography

Kristen McNeill
International Development; Social Policy; Women; Gender

Michael Warren Murphy
Environment; Sociological Theory; Political Economy; Race and Ethnicity; Inequality; Comparative, Historical, and Ethnographic Analysis 

Salma Mutwafy
Development; Globalization; Transnational Institutions; International Trade; Mainstream Conceptions of "Progress"

Jon Nelson
Agriculture; Environment; Sustainability; Political Economy; Development; Global Inequality

Aaron Niznik
Environmental Sociology; Political Sociology; Social Movements; Economic Sociology; Urban Sociology; Theory

Isabelle Notter
Social Demography; Urban Sociology; Migration; Residential Segregation

Maria Ortega
Race; Ethnicity; Gender; Prison Industrial Complex; Education; Immigration

Irene Pang
Development; Citizenship; Dynamics of Capitalism, Comparative Research; China; India

Tina M. Park
Asian Americans; Social Construction of Knowledge; Race and Ethnicity; W.E.B. Du Bois; Du Boisian Sociology; Sociological Theories of Race; Quantitative Methods; Inequality; Housing

Chantel Pheiffer
Urban Sociology; Immigration; Development; Urbanization

Apollonya Porcelli
Environmental Sociology; Latin America; Fisheries; Sociology of Knowledge and Science; Social Movements

Yibing Shen
Comparative and Historical Sociology; Dynamics of Capitalism; Cultural Sociology & Sociology of Knowledge and Expertise; Globalization; Political Sociology; Nationalism; 20th century China

Yifan Shen
Social Stratification; Marriage and Family; Assortative Mating

Haoming Song
Social Demography; Family; Fertility; Gender; Aging; Social Inequality and Stratification; Migration; Spatial Analysis; Quantitative Studies; China

Esha Sraboni
Gender; Demography; Sexual and Reproductive Health; Social Determinants of Health; Transition to Adulthood; Education

Amy Teller 
Environmental Sociology; Social Inequality; Population and Environment; Agriculture; East Africa; Sociology of Science and Knowledge; Coupled Natural-Human Systems 

Yashas Vaidya
Social Demography; Urban Sociology; Political Economy of Development

Rebecca Wang
Social Demography; Migration; Quantitative Methods; Public Policy

Renetta Walcott

Xiaoqian Wan
Urban Marginalization; Urban Studies; Social Inequality

Keenan Wilder
Comparative Sociology; Historical Sociology; Social Movements; Development; Organized Labor in Tunisia

Zachary Wilmot
Comparative Historical Sociology; Social Stratification and Inequality; Globalization and Development; Middle East; Theory

Amanda Zagame
Social Demography; Family; Social Inequality; Quantitative Methods; Mixed Methods; Historical Demography

Ieva Zumbyte
Social Demography; Gender, Family, and Work; Child Care; Social exclusion; Public Policy; Spatial Analysis; Social Sustainability; Development; South Asia, China

Master's Students

Yidan Ma

Hannah Marshall (Open Graduate)

Elizabeth McDonnell-Clark (Open Graduate)

Thien Vuong Nguyen

Guanghui Pan

Yue Zhao