Heather Randell

Randell, HeatherRandell, HeatherHeather Randell

Contact Information:
Brown University
Department of Sociology
Box 1916
Providence, RI 02912
Fax: (401) 863-3213
Email: Heather_Randell@brown.edu

Year of Entry: 2010

Previous Degree:

MEM (2008) Duke University
BS (2005) Cornell University

Curriculum Vitae

Area of Interest:
Environmental Sociology, Migration, Social Demography, Brazil, Development-induced Displacement, Forced Migration, East Africa

Population Studies and Training Center
Institute at Brown for Environment and Society 

Hydropower and the Dynamics of Displacement: Forced Migration and Agricultural Livelihoods in the Brazilian Amazon 

My dissertation examines forced migration due to the Belo Monte Dam, which is currently under construction in the Brazilian Amazon and will be the third largest dam in the world when complete. I focus on a rural agricultural population whose homes and land will be flooded to create the dam’s main reservoir and associated infrastructure. Using pre- and post-displacement household survey and semi-structured interview data, I seek to understand (1) how migrants navigate the process of finding new land and rebuilding livelihoods in the face of socioeconomic, demographic, and temporal constraints; (2) the factors associated with changes in household-level socioeconomic status and subjective well-being after forced migration; and (3) the extent to which cash compensation fosters productive investments and livelihood diversification among affected households.