Inku Subedi

Subedi, InkuSubedi, InkuInku Subedi

Contact Information:
Brown University 
Department of Sociology 
Box 1916 
Providence, RI 02912  
Fax: (401) 863-3213

Year of Entry: 2006

Previous Degrees:
M.A. in Sociology, Brown University, 2008
B.A. double major in Anthropology/ Sociology, and Psychology, Lafayette College, PA, 2005

Areas of Interest: 

Gender; Migration; Demography of the Life Course; Transition to Adulthood in Developing Countries; South Asia; Sub Saharan Africa; Sexual and Reproductive Health

Curriculum Vitae

I am interested in understanding the gendered nature of demographic processes. My first interest is in Migration, broadly the determinants and consequences of  gendered  migration in the sending communities in the developing world. I am currently examining the impact of migration on  the transition to adulthood among young males and females, namely life course decisions such as union and family formation in Nepal. My second interest revolves around the gendered nature of fertility - particularly contraceptive use and childbearing decision-making process. I have examined the impact of couples' discordant fertility desires on their subsequent contraceptive use and childbearing. In addition, I am interested in the changing transition to adulthood experienced by young adults in developing countries. Along this interest, I explored adolescents' transition into premarital romantic relationship, sexual activity, and marriage in the Gilgel Gibe region of Ethiopia as my Masters thesis. 

My methodological interests include longitudinal, event history and demographic methods. 

Alongside my academic interest, I have been involved in social work in my home country Nepal as  a  volunteer (board member and fundraising committee member) of "Nepalese Children's Education Fund" - - because I believe that providing education to future generation is the only way to address gender and social inequalities in a society.