Jose Itzigsohn

Itzigsohn, JoseItzigsohn, JoseJose Itzigsohn

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Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University

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Curriculum Vitae 

Areas of Interest: 
Race and Ethnic Relations, Latino Immigration, Development

My work focuses on two areas. The first one is identity and group formation, with a focus on processes of racialization, and ethnic and nation formation. I am currently onducting research on the racial and ethnic identity formation among first and second generation Dominican immigrants, on the formation of Latino/a communities and identities, and on the formation of immigrant transnational communities. I am also conducting comparative research on the forms of nationalism in Latin America.

My second area of interest is the political economy of inequality. I have conducted research on labor markets and the informal economy in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. Currently I am working on the employment strategies and trajectories of Latin American immigrants in the United States. I am also studying the recuperated factories in Argentina (factories that have been taken over by workers who run them as workers owned cooperatives) assessing the conditions that sustain collective action and the organizational forms of the workers owned factories.

I work within the world-system theoretical paradigm, but I am interested in the local variations within the world economic and political systems. I investigate how local and regional institutional forms and identity formation processes develop and interact with world-systemic trends. I am the author of Developing Poverty (Penn State Press, 2000) and of numerous articles published in journals such as Social ForcesInternational Migration ReviewEthnic and Racial Studies Review, and Radical Philosophy Review.