Professor Logan Awarded NIH Grant

Professor John Logan has been awarded a new 5-year grant from NIH ($2.1 million) to support research with confidential census data on residential mobility and neighborhood change since 2000.  He is working on this project with Hongwei Xu (Brown PhD, now Associate Professor at Queens College) and Charles Zhang (Former S4 postdoc, now Associate Professor at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater).

The Effect of Neighborhood Change on Health and Well-Being is a study of how neighborhoods are changing their racial/ethnic and income composition as a result of mobility choices made by individual families.  It will draw on confidential individual-level records in a Census Research Data Center (RDC) that have been linked between the 2000 and 2010 censuses.  It will use these data to pursue two main aims: 

Aim 1) To assess the balance of flows of persons into and out of neighborhoods that are associated with specific neighborhood-level changes in race/ethnicity and income levels that we observe, such as increasing concentration of poverty or growing racial/ethnic diversity.  

Aim 2) To model the selectivity of people’s locations in 2000 and their post-2000 movements in neighborhoods, based both on how places appeared in 2000 and how they were changing in the next decade.  These shifts are important because they directly affect the well being and health of residents.