When It Comes to Russia and Ukraine, Nothing is Simple

In the past months, Russian President Vladimir Putin has built up a massive military presence on Russia’s border with Ukraine. Pundits, politicians, and casual observers of the news have all been asking the same questions: would President Putin actually invade Ukraine? And if so, what would that mean for the rest of the world? These are fair questions of course, but Michael Kennedy, our guest on this week’s episode of Trending Globally, thinks this framing might actually obscure more than it illuminates.

Dr. Niznik Successfully Defends

Aaron Niznik has successfully defended his dissertation, “Cultivating the City: The Evolution of the Urban Gardening Movements in Boston, MA and Austin, TX.”

John Diamond Joins [email protected]

Professor John Diamond to join Brown University's Department of Sociology.

John Diamond is a sociologist of education who focuses on how race, ethnicity, and social class intersect with school leadership, practices, and policies to shape educational opportunities and outcomes. Previously, he was the Hoefs-Bascom Professor of Education at University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Education, as well as a faculty affiliate in the Departments of Afro-American Studies and Educational Policy Studies.

Book Release: "Residues: Thinking Through Chemical Environments"

Co-authored by Professor Scott Frickel, Residues offers readers a new approach for conceptualizing the environmental impacts of chemicals production, consumption, disposal, and regulation.

Sandra Barnes Joins [email protected]

Professor Sandra Lynn Barnes to join Brown University's Department of Sociology. 

Sandra Barnes focuses on the role of religion and congregations as change agents in society. She is also interested in race, class, and gender dynamics, the relationship between structural constraints and individual agency, and how these dynamics influence the experiences of residents in poor urban spaces.

Money and movements shaping an election to the Rhode Island Senate

"Public sociology is quite attentive to the various publics that make up that general public our political leaders represent." This article by Dr. Michael Kennedy discusses the upcoming race for the seat of State Senator for Rhode Island District 3. 

Marking our history: Like 9/11, COVID pandemic a 'generation-making event'

For G. Wayne Miller of The Providence Journal, our own Dr. Michael D. Kennedy describes both COVID and 9/11 and its aftermath as “generation-making events” – events, he says, that profoundly affected people of his students’ ages, late teens and early twenties, in ways that will last their lifetimes. On a broader level, he asserts, each event affected all populations to some degree and “changed the institutions of our society.”

Read more of Dr. Kennedy's thoughts in the article on The Providence Journal's website.

Dr. Nelson Successfully Defends

Jon Nelson has successfully defended his dissertation, "Insuring Inequality: The Role of FEMA in Unequal Adaptation to Sea-Level Rise in Coastal New England."

Dr. Kreisberg Successfully Defends

Nicole Kreisberg has successfully defended her dissertation, “Nativity and Nativism in the U.S. Labor Market: Employment Discrimination Against Latino Immigrant Men.”

Dr. Bradlow Dissertation Wins Numerous Awards

Dr. Ben Bradlow's dissertation,  “Urban Origins of Democracy and Inequality: Governing São Paulo and Johannesburg, 1985-2016,” has been recognized with multiple external awards.