Dr. Bradlow Dissertation Wins Numerous Awards

Dr. Ben Bradlow's dissertation,  “Urban Origins of Democracy and Inequality: Governing São Paulo and Johannesburg, 1985-2016,” has been recognized with multiple external awards.

Dr. Hammer Successfully Defends

Ricarda Hammer has successfully defended her dissertation entitled: "Citizenship and Colonial Difference: The Racial Politics of Rights and Rule Across the Black Atlantic."

Hammer, Islam Elected to ASA Global and Transnational Sociology Section

Ricarda Hammer and Nabila Islam have been elected to ASA's Global and Transnational Sociology Section.

McNeill Elected to ASA Economic Sociology Section

Kristen McNeill has been elected to ASA's Economic Sociology Section.

Prof. Owens Elected to ASA Disability and Society Section

Professor Jayanti Owens has been elected to ASA's Disability and Society Section.

Dr. Candipan Awarded Spencer Foundation Large Research Grant on Education

Professor Jennifer Candipan has received a Spencer Foundation Large Research Grant on Education. Spencer's Large Research Grants on Education Program supports education research projects that will contribute to the improvement of education.

Carter: President-Elect of ASA, Inaugural Sarah and Joseph Jr. Dowling Professorship Holder

Professor Prudence Carter has been named President-Elect of the American Sociological Association and the inaugural holder of the Sarah and Joseph Jr. Dowling Professorship at Brown. She will join the department on July 1, 2021.

Rauscher, Burns on Research Minutes Podcast on COVID-19 and School Closures

Professor Emily Rauscher and Ph.D. Candidate Ailish Burns explain in a podcast by Research Minutes how higher COVID-19 deaths with later school closures were found. Closing school is more strongly related to COVID-19 deaths in counties with a high concentration of Black or poor residents, suggesting schools play an unequal role in transmission and earlier school closure is related to fewer lives lost in disadvantaged counties.

Gonzalez Van Cleve on Trending Globally Podcast; Police Convictions

On the Trending Globally Podcast, Sarah Baldwin talks with Professor Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve about why convicting police officers of crimes in the U.S. is so incredibly rare.