Dr. Bouek Successfully Defends

Jennifer Bouek has successfully defended her dissertation entitled: "Invisible Woman: The Child Care System in the Reproduction of Disadvantage." 

Refusing the University - A Talk By Sandy Grande

Refusing the University
Monday, December 2nd, 1-2:30 PM
Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, Room 103
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Dr. Caven Successfully Defends

Meg Caven has successfully defended her dissertation, "School Discipline: The Imperatives, Implementation Processes, and Unintended Consequences of Reform."

Dr. Teller Successfully Defends

Amy Teller has successfully defended her dissertation, "Chocolate Futures: How Eco-Civic Engagement is Remaking Past Monoculture on Brazil's Cocoa Coast."

Dr. Lotesta Successfully Defends

Johnnie Anne Lotesta has successfully defended her dissertation, "Rightward in the Rustbelt: How Conservatives Remade the GOP, 1947-2012."

Tina Park Earns DIAP Community Award

Ph.D. Candidate Tina Park was one of the two Brown graduate students achieving the Academic Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan Community Award for this year.

Syeda Masood Cited in 'The Guardian' Article

Ph.D. Candidate Syeda Masood is cited discussing the power of books in a segregated, conservative society.

Professor Logan Awarded NIH Grant

Professor John Logan has been awarded a new 5-year grant from NIH ($2.1 million) to support research with confidential census data on residential mobility and neighborhood change since 2000.  He is working on this project with Hongwei Xu (Brown PhD, now Associate Professor at Queens College) and Charles Zhang (Former S4 postdoc, now Associate Professor at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater).

Dr. Korhonen Successfully Defends

Juho Korhonen has successfully defended his dissertation, "Empire, Democracy, State, and Nation: Sociological Occlusions of the German and Russian Empires."

Dr. Vaidya Successfully Defends

Yashas Vaidya has successfully defended his dissertation, "Determinants and Metrics of Community Context and Health Outcomes in the Presence of Urban Transformations."