Ieva Zumbyte

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Graduate Student
M.A. University College London, U.K.
B.A. Edinburgh Napier University, U.K.
B.A. ISM University of Management and Economics, Lithuania

Research Interests

Social Demography; Gender, Family, and Work; Child Care; Social exclusion; Public Policy; Spatial Analysis; Social Sustainability; Development; South Asia, China


Ieva's research explores the social, economic and political conditions that determine childcare arrangements and practices in the Global South. Specifically, she is interested in how childcare is organized in cities and the factors that determine the kinds of childcare arrangements families choose across various types of low-income urban settlements. In her dissertation project, Ieva explores variations in childcare provided through state, private and family institutions in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Affiliations at Brown:

  • Population Studies and Training Center Trainee (PSTC)
  • Graduate Program in Development Trainee (Watson Institute)
  • Center for Contemporary South Asia Fellow
  • Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4) Fellow



  • Alden Speare, Jr. Award for superior achievement in the Master of Arts thesis.