Rui Carvalho

Graduate Student
A.M. Brown University
B.Sc. New University of Lisbon

Research Interests

International Migration; Mixed Methods; Race & Ethnicity; Social Class; Social Theory; Teaching Sociology; Urban Sociology.


I am currently working on two research projects. The first looks at how migration-driven ethnoracial diversity and processes of urban recomposition influence neighborhood social capital and community cohesion in diverse contexts. And the second focuses on how class and racism shape the aspirations, capabilities, and outcomes of international migrants.

My ongoing dissertation project looks at how migration aspirations and capabilities are shaped by class and racial inequality and discrimination at multiple levels. I focus on the case of Brazil and Brazilian migrants in Boston (United States) and Lisbon (Portugal), using a combination of primary and secondary quantitative and qualitative methods and sources of data.

Following the work developed for my Master’s thesis, I am also developing some research outputs focusing on how interethnic relations moderate the (purportedly) negative effects of ethnic diversity on social cohesion at the neighborhood level. I use data from a survey applied to the residents of neighborhoods located in various large European cities.


Selected Publications:

Carvalho, Rui F. (2020). “Trust thy neighbour? Interpersonal trust in twelve ethnically diverse European neighbourhoods.” In: Marta Smagacz-Poziemska, M. Victoria Gómez, Patricia Pereira, Laura Guarino, Sebastian Kurtenbach and Juan J. Villalón (eds.) Inequality and Uncertainty: Current Challenges for Cities. Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 185-204.

Sampaio, Dora and Rui F. Carvalho (2017) “From the Al-Maghrib to the Al-Gharb: An anatomy of the recruitment and labour incorporation of Moroccan agricultural workers in the Algarve, Southern Portugal.” In: A. Corrado; C. de Castro and D. Perrotta (eds.) Migration and Agriculture: Mobility and Change in the Mediterranean Area. London: Routledge, pp. 231-246. 

Ferrão, João; Rui F. Carvalho; Alice Ramos; Olivia Bina and João Mourato (2014) Que Economia Queremos? Lisbon: Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, 122 p.

Mourato, João and Rui F. Carvalho (2014) “Mobilidade urbana e cidades.” In: L. Schmidt and A. Delicado (eds.) Ambiente, Alterações Climáticas, Alimentação e Energia: A Opinião dos Portugueses. Lisbon: Imprensa de Ciências Sociais, pp. 249-268.

Malheiros, Jorge; Rui F. Carvalho and Luis Mendes (2013) “Gentrification, residential ethnicization and the social production of fragmented space: Theory and evidence from two multi-ethnic neighbourhoods, in Lisbon and Bilbao.” Finisterra – Revista Portuguesa de Geografia48 (96), pp. 109-135.

Santos, Catarina F.; Rui F. Carvalho and Francisco Andrade (2013) “Quantitative assessment of the differential vulnerability associated to oil spills.” Journal of Coastal Conservation, 17 (1), pp. 25-36.

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Fonseca, Maria L. (coord.); Jennifer McGarrigle (coord.); Alina Esteves; Dora Sampaio; Rui F. Carvalho; Jorge Malheiros and Luis Moreno (2012) Modes of Inter-Ethnic Coexistence in Three Neighbourhoods in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area: A Comparative Perspective. Lisbon: Colibri, 213 p.