Seeing Sociology--Class of 2022

Theses Presentations:

Ainsley Clapp:  "Who’s Having Good Sex?  A National Regression Analysis on the Association Between Identity and Sexual Experience in the United States"
Charlotte DeVaughn:  "An Exploration of Engagement in the Online Learning Environment and its Effect on Educational Equity"
Ione Heigham:  "Collectivity, Commitment, and Conflict: Mattering and Belonging in Jewish Communal Living"
Isaiah Paik:  "Politik and Politok: Social Change on Social Media"
Marley Presiado:  "Re-Industrializing the Home:  COVID-19 and the Gendered Division of Household Labor"
Rose Hall:  "The Value of Water: Student Diversity and Elevated Lead Levels in NYC Public Schools"

Capstone Poster Presentations:

Daniel Cody:  "The Plight of the Pit Bull:  On the Outskirts of Systemic Racial Oppression"
Amanda Cooper:  "The Media and Gender Violence: How the Press Desensitizes Violence Against Women"
Edith Elliott Granger:  "Moral Panic: Investigating the Relationship between Shame, Pornography, and Social Sexual Behavior"
Ivy Hobson:  "Maternal Suicidality: Why Is No One Talking About Its Rise?"
Emlen Janetos:  "Differences in Validation of Male and Female Interests in Society"
Katie Lee:  "Korean Popular Culture's Impact on Korean American Identity"
Nicole Lim:  "What does it take to change a mind? The Affective and Ideological Components of Political  Attitudes and Party Affiliation"
Michelle Liu:  "An Exploration of Ideologies That Affect Asian American Attitudes Toward Affirmative Action"
Shelby Love:  "Language & Culture: The Reinforcing Link in Shaping Native Language Revitalization"
Emily Marciano:  "A Final Goodbye: How Does Membership in a Team Sport Shape Athletic Ability?"
Olivia Miller:  "Japanese vs. American Marketing Techniques as Shaped by Sociocultural Standards"
Amber Morse:  "Managing Collective Risk in Flood-Prone Communities"
Maya Nana-Sinkam:  "Conceptualizing Identity in a Virtual World: The Sociology of the Sims"
Luyan Nguyen:  "Satisfaction and Low-Wage Jobs"
Julia Robbin:  "Gender Diversity in Sociology"
Issra Said:  "Cultural Identity and the Digital Somali Diaspora"
Fabiana Sarkis:  "How Women Fight: How Can Conflict Theory Explain Media Portrayal of Female Aggression?"
Shira Small:  "Cycles of Inequality: The Deterioration of American Social Ties"
Charles Somerville:  "Predicting Gene-by-Environment Variance: The Misconception of Genetic Wide Association Studies on Global Populations"
Danielle Springer:  "How Parenting Affects Romantic Relationships"
Charlotte Whatley:  "Why do Men Catcall?"