Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Sociology supports three undergraduate concentrations:

  • A.B. in Sociology
  • Sc.B. in Social Analysis and Research
  • A.B. Organizational Studies track in Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizations

Sociology faculty are also prominent in other undergraduate concentrations, including Development Studies, Environmental Studies, and Urban Studies. 

The co-directors for undergraduate studies​ for the concentrations in Sociology and Social Analysis and Research are Patrick Heller (interim) and Carrie Spearin.​ While students are encouraged to speak with any member of sociology faculty regarding the concentration, the advisors for those concentrating are Patrick HellerMichael Kennedy, Timmons Roberts, and Carrie Spearin.

Sociology prepares students for a variety of lives after graduation, including conventional careers from market research to social advocacy, and from journalism to program administration in government and civil society. It also prepares people for opportunities in the new economy, including those that address how people engage the environment and use information technology. Our graduates also continue their formal education in a variety of post-graduate areas, including law, social work, health sciences, and sociology.

Sociologists study a wide range of subjects. Last year, our seniors developed the following senior theses and capstone projects:

  • “Racial Microaggressions on TrevorSpace: Constrained Support in an Online LGBTQ+ Youth Community”
  • “Sexual Violence in the YouTube Community”
  • “#TruvadaWhore: The Stigmatization and Fragmentation of the Homosexual Community Precipitated by the Advent of Pre-Exposure Prophylactic Medication”
  • “Neighborhood Risk and Epigenetic Alterations in Premature Infants”
  • “An Evaluation of Food Stamps: A Social and Economic Analysis of the SNAP Program”
  • “The Impact of Fashion Bloggers on the Current Fashion Industry”
  • “@brunoinstafamous: A Social Study of How to Gain, Maintain, and Utilize Status on Instagram”
  • “Nobody’s Million Dollar Baby: The Female Martial Artist in Film and Television”
  • “Is Dating Dead in College? Opting In or Out of Monogamous Relationships at Brown University”
  • “’Anybody Can Be Pussy Riot’: Knowledge Networks, Cultural Capital, and Political Success”
  • “Events of October: History and Transformations of Oct. 25th - Oct. 31st, 2013 at Brown University”
  • “Theorizing Ideology, Voice, and the Articulation of Youth Counterpublics: Experiences and Perspectives of the Providence Student Union”
  • “Social Class at Brown”
  • "Market Basket and Its Iconic Leader”
  • “The Redesign of Kennedy Plaza: The Lives and Livelihoods Attached to Public Space”
  • “Going Out of Business Tomorrow”: Logics of Rationalization in Rhode Island Civil Society”
  • “Pulling Apart the Seams: Untold Stories of Los Angels Garment Workers”
  • “The Experiences of Undocumented Latino College Students at Elite Universities”
  • “Race in Sociology: Toward a More Inclusive and Critical Curriculum” “First-Generation College Students vs. Non-First-Generation College Students at Brown University: The Effect of Class Background on Mattering, Alienation, and Professor Office Hours Attended”
  • “Defying the Stigma: A Look into the Academic Performance and Engagement of Student-Athletes at Brown”
  • “The Man in the Locker Room Mirror: An Analysis of Self-perception of the Male Athlete at Brown University”
  • “Sexual Assault and the Male College Athlete at Risk: A Sociological Issue Turned Legal”
  • “Accessible Athletics: Bay Area Adaptive Sports and Activities”