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The nation-states of South Asia are home to one-fifth of the world’s humanity and a complex diversity of religions, languages and ethnicities. The South Asian Studies Program supports faculty, graduate and undergraduate research and teaching on this region, as well as provides space for interdisciplinary, comparative and collaborative projects that connect this region to critical themes and issues of wider significance. As such it complements the Brown India Initiative in broadening engagement with the region as a whole and directs the undergraduate concentration in South Asian Studies.

While area studies programs have historically been organized around the study of regional languages and cultures, one of the goals of the South Asian Studies program at Brown is to build critical conversations between the humanities and social sciences such that they centrally challenge the divide between empirical and theoretical knowledge – where the geography of South Asia and the very theories we think with, social, political and aesthetic, are interrogated, shaped and remade.

Furthermore, while supporting transnational, global and thematic projects, the South Asian Studies program seeks to strengthen “deep” regional knowledge that can engage social and ethical questions, grapple with the politics of knowledge and shape visions for change and justice.

The new website now provides updated information on the undergraduate concentration and a list of courses with South Asia content that can count towards the concentration. It also provides information on graduate and undergraduate fellowships and study abroad programs, and announces the South Asian Studies Student Fellowship for summer projects. In addition, it hosts the Watson Collaborative Grants Project Theory from the South.

The Harvard-Brown Pakistani Film Festival 2015 featured multiple dimensions of contemporary Pakistani visual culture at Harvard University over the weekend of Oct 16th. The event drew sizable crowds mostly comprising the Pakistani diaspora in New England as well as students and faculty from Harvard, Brown, Cornell, Boston University, and Tufts. Participants included directors of 2015 Pakistani blockbusters, guerrilla filmmakers, internationally celebrated scholars, and multimedia artists. The program included film screenings, Q&A's with the directors, presentations by filmmakers and scholars, video art, and panel discussions. 

Interview with Nabeel Quershi, Director of Na Maloom Afrad from The Harvard-Brown Pakistani Film Festival 2015.

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