Courses Spring 2016


The following is a list of possible South Asian courses at Brown, beginning with those that will be offered in spring 2016. This list is not exhaustive, as any class, which allows the concentrator to complete a substantial final project on South Asia, may be counted towards the concentration requirements. Check course listings on BOCA for more information.

Spring 2016 Courses 


ANTH1324 - Money, Work, and Power: Culture and Economics
HIST0150D - Refugees: A Twentieth-Century History
HIST0247 - Civilization, Empire, Nation: Competing Histories of the Middle East
HIST1947J - Decolonizing Minds: A People's History of the World
HIST1968L - Islamic Law and Societies: Evolution and Revolutions
HNDI0200 - Beginning Hindi or Urdu
HNDI1080 - Advanced Hindi-Urdu
RELS0145 - Karma, Liberation, and Rebirth
PLCY1702A - Justice, Gender, and Markets
PLCY1810 - Models for Sustaining Social Change
POLS2330 - Politics in India 
PRSN0200 - Basic Persian
PRSN0400 - Intermediate Persian Language and Culture
PRSN0600 - Advanced Persian Language and Culture II
SANS0200 - Elementary Sanskrit II 
SANS0400 - Classical Sanskrit Story Literature
SANS1400 - The Sanskrit Grammatical Tradition 
SANS2970 - Sanskrit Preliminary Exam Preparation 
TAPS 1335 -  Indian Classical Performance Tradition: Natyasastra Theory Practice, Linking Knowledge and Experience