Invitation to submit applications for South Asian Studies Student Fellowship

South Asian Studies at Brown invites applications from students for the South Asian Studies Student Fellowship. The Fellowship supports a graduate or undergraduate summer project related to any region of South Asia outside of India (funding for India projects are available through the Brown-India Initiative.) The South Asian Studies Student Fellowship offers $4,000 and supports student research interests in Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka.

(Distributed January 20, 2014)

Brown/RISD Teach-In – University and Dissent: Universities Under Siege

On February 9th 2016, the Delhi Police stormed Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), one of India's most prestigious universities, on the pretext of “anti national” slogans being raised by students during a Kashmir-related event on campus. The elected president of the student union, Kanhaiya Kumar, was arrested on charges of sedition, sparking one of the most polarising and explosive debates in recent times on dissent and the university, nationalism, democracy, and state violence in India. This raises critical questions for us as members of a university but also as citizens.

(Distributed February 26, 2016)
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