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2014 Franklin Buchanan Prize recognizes the Choices Program for outstanding curriculum development

April 8, 2014

The Choices Program’s Leah Elliott, Maya Lindberg, and Tanya Waldburger have been named the recipients of the 2014 Franklin Buchanan Prize from the Association for Asian Studies for their work on the curriculum Indian Independence and the Question of Partition. The Buchanan Prize recognizes a curriculum on Asia that reflects current scholarship, presents innovative teaching strategies, and makes a significant impact on the intended audience (in this case, high school students).

Watch the video trailer for the curriculum:


Indian Independence and the Question of Partition was developed with assistance from Professor Vazira Zamindar, visiting Professor Sudeshna Banerjee, and scholars from other universities. The curriculum examines the history leading up to 1947 and the legacies of partition that remain today. Students explore the era of British colonialism, Indian campaigns for independence, and the political debates between Indian groups and the British. Students learn about the experience of one province, Bengal, to gain an in-depth understanding of what was at stake for different groups at the time. The Choices Program is affiliated with the Watson Institute for International Studies and the Office of Continuing Education.