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New Painting Seminar Course taught by Chitra Ganesh

May 6, 2014

Just announced by the RISD Painting Department: a new seminar offering for Fall 2014, Drawing, Narrative, and Materiality in Contemporary South Asian Art (Paint 4435) will be taught by artist Chitra Ganesh (Brown University '96), the Vikram and Geetanjali Kirloskar Visiting Scholar in Painting for 2014. Continue reading for the course description and application instructions.

Drawing, Narrative, and Materiality in Contemporary South Asian Art (Paint 4435-01)

Course Description: This seminar course will introduce students to the complex and growing terrain of contemporary South Asian art via three key intersecting areas of inquiry: drawing, narrative, and materiality as explored by contemporary artists working in the South Asian subcontinent and diaspora. Through critically engaged discussion, readings, screenings, and talks, we will examine a wide range of contemporary art practices, including comic and graphic novel based works, site-specific installation, street art, and the role of materiality and process in contemporary South Asian art practice. Alongside an in-depth investigation of specific artists and their practices, we will also situate these works within key theoretical texts and exhibitions generated in the field, in order to shed light on the social, political, and art-historical discourses in which they are situated, and their impact on the global contemporary art scene. Course enrollment is by permission of instructor only. (Tuesdays 1:10 p.m. - 4:10 p.m.)

How to apply

Interested students are asked to write a short paragraph outlining their interest in this course content and what their own research and studio work allows them to bring to the seminar.

Application guidelines

  • Send your email to Painting Department Coordinator Gabby Jacobsen ONLY
  • Include your year of graduation and your major department
  • The subject line should read “Paint 4435 Contemporary S. Asian Art - application”
  • Applications are due by May 16