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Designed by Brown University sociologist John Logan, the LTDB provides estimates using 2010 boundaries for a standard set of variables from 1970 through 2000.

Designed by Brown University sociologist John Logan, Map USA provides maps and census data at the tract and county level from 1940 to 2010.

  • South Africa Database

Brown University researchers Patrick Heller, Daniel Schensul, and Amy Kracker used data from the South African Census and municipal governments along with GIS mapping software to examine changes in racial and economic segregation as well as the extent to which access to services and infrastructure has improved for all urban residents between 1996 and 2001. 

Brown University sociologist John Logan collects data for the period 1970-2010 about desegregation court cases, trends in racial composition and segregation of elementary schools, and additional information about poverty, teacher-student ratios, and performance on standardized state tests.