Offered Fall 2019

Offered Fall 2019

1. Required foundational course

SOC 2610. Spatial Thinking in the Social Sciences. This course provides an overview of applications of spatial analysis across the social sciences with an emphasis on how spatial concepts are understood and used. ( J. Logan)

2. Elective courses

a. Advanced courses in spatial methods (strongly recommended for quantitatively oriented students)

SOC 2960S. Methods for Analyzing Clustered and Panel Data. Introduction to multilevel and time-series models, including issues of neighborhood effects and spatial clustering. (M. Jackson)

b. Disciplinary offerings

ANTH 2590. Space, Power, and Politics. A course focusing on the political production of space – from the scale of bodies, to cities, states, and international systems. ( P. VanValkenburgh)

PHP 2325. Place Matters: Exploring Community-Level Contexts on Health Behaviors, Outcomes and Disparities. Theories and findings related to the effects of local environments on health outcomes.  (A. Dulin)

SOC 2320.  Migration.   Examination of migration in its several manifestations: internal, international, and patterns of settlement and segregation. Consideration is given to both determinants of population movement and the socioeconomic adjustment of migrants in their destination. Includes comparative study across migrant groups and geographic settings. ( M. White)