Offered Spring 2021

1. Required foundational courses

ANTH 1201An Introduction to GIS and Spatial Analysis for Anthropologists and Archaeologists. Introduction to the concepts, techniques, and the histories that motivate geographic information systems and their employment in anthropological and archaeological scholarship.   Instructor:  Parker VanValkenburgh

SOC 2961BApplications in GIS. Intermediate GIS and spatial analysis course organized around a set of social science topics with emphasis on getting from research question to analytical results to interpretation of findings. To encourage the development of independent research skills using GIS, this course is centered around the reading of published literature and the guided replication of results, and the discussion of findings.  Instructor Kevin Mwenda 

2. Elective courses

a. Advanced courses in spatial methods (strongly recommended for quantitatively oriented students)

SOC2960GSpatial Data Analysis Techniques for the Social Sciences. Survey of spatial data analytical techniques with emphasis on the analysis of cross-sections of point and areal data. It introduces source software for spatial statistical analysis, such as the various specialized packages included in R, the PySAL library for spatial analysis in Python, and the GUI-based GeoDa and GeoDaSpace software.​  Instructor Jennifer Candipan


b. Disciplinary offerings