• Hurricane Katrina Project

    The Hurricane Katrina Project examines the impacts of hurricanes on the Gulf Coast.  It began in response to the specific case of New Orleans’ flooding in 2005 and efforts to understand who was affected and what neighborhoods were able to rebuild.  Since then it has evolved into a broader study of the Gulf Coast region in the decades since 1950.  Major participants in this project have include John Logan, Zengwang Xu (now at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), and Sukriti Issar (now at Sciences Po in Paris).  

  • Diversity and Disparities

    Diversity and Disparities is a compendium of projects based on more contemporary data.  It began as the Census 2000 Project at the University at Albany and then was supported by the Russell Sage Foundation and Brown University as the US2010 Project.  It offers data and reports on urban inequalities and residential segregation in the period 1940 through the present, and also examines trends in school segregation. Major activities include:

  • Linking New Yorkers over Decades

    This project sought to link people and their family members over time between 1880 and 1920.  It began with samples of 4678 New Yorkers and 6650 Chicagoans in 1920, both men and women.  About half of these were traced to 1900, and many were found (or their parents were found) in 1880.  Analysis of these data is just beginning.  In a new project we plan to track them and their children forwards to 1930 and 1940.  Here we show information about our initial pilot study in New York where we tested the feasibility of finding both men and women selected from the 1920 census in 1900.

  • Map USA

    A web-based GIS system that provides data at the level of counties and census tracts for the decades 1940-2010.  Data can be visualized on-line or downloaded for additional analysis.

  • American Communities Project

    The American Communities Project is a program of research coordinated by John Logan. It focuses especially on social and spatial inequalities experienced by racial minorities and immigrant ethnic groups as they moved into urban areas in the U.S.  It includes studies based on both contemporary and historical data. It also includes research on public schools, especially school segregation and racial disparities in school performance.  Links to its components are found on the sidebar.