Senior Fellows

Occasionally S4 will select a doctoral student to serve for a year as a Senior Fellow in recognition of their contribution to GIS training, research, and outreach. We select Senior Fellows on the basis of their participation in S4 events, their assistance in training and workshop activities, and their expertise and commitment to high quality spatially informed research. S4 relies heavily on networking and consulting relationships among our students, and designation as a Senior Fellow is an acknowledgement of the key role that our most active students play in the program.

Current Senior Fellow

Thomas Marlow is a fifth year Ph.D. student in Sociology. He grew up in southern Missouri and attended Illinois Wesleyan University as an undergraduate.  Prior to entering graduate school, Tom worked as a research assistant for the National Park Service. Currently Tom's research investigates the creation and distribution of industrial manufacturing hazards. His work focuses on characterizing the spatial distribution of hazards in Rhode Island between the years 1950-2010 and how this interacts with demographic transition and urban restructuring to create current forms of environmental inequality.  This work relies on a combination of historical, GIS, statistical and computational methodologies.

Recent Senior Fellows

Sam Caldis, History

Diana Graizbord, Sociology

Amy Kracker, Sociology

Lorenzo Aldeco Leo, Economics

Sze Liu, Epidemiology, Community Health

Michelle Marcus, Economics

Tim Squires, Economics

Marcelo Bohrt Seeghers, Sociology

Adam Storeygard, Economics

Hongwei Xu, Sociology

Weiwei Zhang, Sociology