Asian American Studies

Welcome to Asian American Studies at Brown

Asian American Studies at Brown (AASAB) is a working group of faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students pursuing interdisciplinary scholarship about the historical and contemporary experiences of people of Asian ancestry. AAS at Brown also takes a transpacific approach, drawing on scholarship from American Studies (including North America and Latin America) as well as Asian Studies.

Asian American Studies has been claiming an ever-growing space at Brown. Since the 1970s, students have independently developed coursework and syllabi around Asian American Studies through Group Independent Studies Projects (GISPs). Asian American Studies courses have now become a regular part of the curriculum and are offered in various programs such as Ethnic Studies, American Studies, English, History, Sociology, and Theater Arts and Performance Studies (TAPS). Asian American Studies is a distinct field from Middle East Studies, South Asian Studies, and East Asian Studies.

Asian American Studies at Brown has a particularly strong faculty and graduate student research base, unique within the Ivy League and the East Coast. Brown has become one of the leading universities for the doctoral training in Asian American Studies -- primarily through the American Studies program but also through English and History.

This website and its content research was done by Juhee Kwon '14 as a part of a Senior Honors Thesis in Ethnic Studies.