In addition to the  computing resources available to all Brown University students, public policy students at the Taubman Center benefit from a variety of resources and technologies that are specially designed to facilitate social science research. 

Computer Labs 

 Students at the Taubman Center work in two modern computer labs equipped with software for statistical analysis, geographic information system (GIS) analyses, and graphics design.

Public Policy Seminar Room

The Taubman Center's  Seminar Room is home to many of the Center’s classes, lectures, and other events. It holds SmartBoard technology in a large conference room setting.

Geographic Information System Laboratory

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) lab allows students to create maps that incorporate a variety of social indicators. In addition to being used for instructional purposes, the lab is also the focus for Center-sponsored research. The lab is staffed by a full time research administrator, Jack Combs, who helped to develop a comprehensive database for The Providence Plan

Public Opinion Labs 

The Center’s Public Opinion Laboratories include computer-assisted telephone interviewing facilities used to conduct survey research. Faculty and students have polled Rhode Islanders’ opinions about upcoming elections, proposed city and state initiatives, and policy issues such as the state's investment in the Providence Place mall, the death penalty, for-profit hospitals, the state of health care, and secrecy in government.