Congressman Elijah Cummings's March 8 Krieger Lecture: We need to see each other to move forward

In his first-ever trip to the state of Rhode Island, Congressman Elijah Cummings delivered the Noah Krieger ’93 Memorial Lecture to a packed MacMillan auditorium on March 8. In his rousing speech, titled “The Fierce Urgency of now,” Cummings spoke of “battling for the people left behind” in society. He repeatedly asked the audience, “Do they see us? Do they really care about us?”

(Distributed March 14, 2016)

Taubman Lecture: Nicole Pollock '08 on Innovation in City Government

Nicole Pollock ’08 (environmental studies), Chief Innovation Officer for the City of Providence, recently spoke at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs about her role in enacting meaningful change in the public sector. Pollock was appointed by Mayor Jorge Elorza in January 2015, and as part of the Mayor’s senior staff, works towards streamlining areas of efficiency and services in Providence government and public policy.

(Distributed February 23, 2016)

Nicole Alexander-Scott on Where Health Policy Is Heading in Rhode Island

Nicole Alexander-Scott, Director of the Rhode Island Department of Health, recently spoke about the agenda and direction of the department at a public talk hosted by the Taubman Center. Alexander-Scott was appointed Director by Governor Gina Raimondo early in 2015, and has since launched a multi-faceted initiative to eliminate health inequality across Rhode Island.

(Distributed January 14, 2016)

Powerball is already pulling in billions this year (comments by Emily Oster)

Emily Oster, associate professor of economics and international and public affairs, comments on the behavior of people as the Powerball jackpot reached unprecedented levels. "This should be taken with extreme caution, since it is out-of-sample and it is difficult to know how people would behave at jackpots of this magnitude," she wrote in a 2004 paper. "People enjoy the opportunity to dream about what they might do if they were rich, which generally fuels a desire to play," she wrote to CBS MoneyWatch.

(Distributed January 12, 2016)
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